Volume 1

by Financier

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Collected from previous releases, 2011–2014


released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Financier Nashville, Tennessee

blow your mind out

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Track Name: I Get Lit Now
Colors get to you
because you're never out in the sun
Negative environment
I couldn't get to you
Made my way through a clouded hall
past the hangers on
to remind you
All those years ago
I saved your life

You live impossible
Borrow days like they'll never come
Space the benders out
and have some fun
I felt responsible
Kept you out of the flashing phones
Preserve the dignity
that you don't condone

Give a little silence back to me

I came home drunk again
Looking to start a fight
Say you know me so much better
Say I always think I'm right
I came home drunk again
Crumbled at your feet
Say you know me so much better
Transformation is complete
Track Name: Live With It
Saving secrets is illogical
They never work on what you save them for
In a breath she's irrational
The words are wired to blow
Sell what I know
Sell what I know
I could make a living out of killing you slow

I could make a killing
Selling all your secrets to the show
Beautiful nobody
Beautiful as you go

If the reason you came was to fight
You could have started on the way in
Track Name: Votech
Holy roll fanatics
Different hygiene habits
Visions so obscene

Brushed metal contraption
Just for a reaction
Speeding from the pharmacy

She should think twice
I've got the typical vices

Dreams to be less tragic
Look how great we have it
Reflected on computer screens
Track Name: Blood Headache
Upside down
The confusion holds
Woke up in a foreign town
knowing one less name
Worth the wait
Distract with your wounded sound
and make a run for the door

If you really care you'll drop the cash to bring me back tonight

Stay away from the big questions
You're a liar and you don't listen
Track Name: Distance Eagle
Age battles always form
Each time a saviour's born
Guess who this job is for
That's what we're striving toward

Tough talk and standing still
Tough talk and standing still
You left a trail just like before
That's what we're striving toward
Track Name: It Gets Better
One mistake can be forgiven
Multiple will kill the children
I can count all mine on my two hands
First it's the geography
Next to how you look at me
Then it happens just because it can

Just wait
You'll get better at making it worse
Keep thinking of yourself first
Just wait
It gets betters when I get worse
Keep thinking of myself first
It's the opposite of lifting a curse

You keep searching for a reason
I get put on trial for treason
My defense will be that I don't care
Don't ignore the history
Custom for the royalty
Not about what is or is not fair

The ones that take the most
The ones that sleep together
Track Name: That's Not Swagger, He's Crippled
Let's go play hide and seek in the dark
and get drunk
and go fuck in the park
by your house
No one will notice that we're gone
except for the sinking feeling

Let's go take turns at taking it off
and get lost
in the trust that won't last
through the night
Say what we want to hear the most
it's the sweat in the air we're breathing

Our bodies outgrew our thoughts
We won't need clothes or money where we're headed
This is your moment
before I forget it

Let's both think that the other one's right
What I say
is the opposite of
what I might

Just once, say yes